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七年级英语上册第壹单元知重心.doc 3页

  Unit 1.


  1. name’s=name is 名字是

  2. I’m=I am 我是

  3. she’s=she is 她是

  he’s=he is 他是

  you’re=you are 你(你们)是

  they’re=they are 他(她;它)们是

  that’s=that is 那是

  isn’t=is not 不是(副数方法)

  he’s not=he is not=he isn’t 他不是

  what’s=what is 什么是

  where’s=where is 在哪男是

  Let’s=Let us 让我们

  4 .Nice to meet/ see you.见到你很快乐

  5 .how many + n(却数名词副数)好多

  how much + n.(不成名词) 好多

  6. family name 姓氏

  7. given name 名字

  8 .telephone number=phone number 电话号码

  9. ID card 身份证

  10. Good morning 早好

  11. Good afternoon 下半晌好

  12. Good evening . 早早好

  Good night.深装置

  13. Sit down, please.=Have a seat, please. 请背靠

  14. That’s all right.好;行;不用谢;不妨

  That’s right . 对的、正确的

  All right .好的,行,好吧

  15. That’s OK.=You’re welcome.=That’s all right. 不用谢


  1. What’s your name?你叫什么名字?

  My name’s Jenny. / I’m Jenny.

  What’s her / his name? 她 / 他叫什么名字?His/Her name’s Tony/Gina.

  2. What’s your first / given name?你的名是什么?

  What’s your last / family name?你姓什么?

  What’s your full name?(全名)

  My full name/ It is Tony Brown.

  My first name is Tony.

  My last name/family name is Brown.

  3.I’m Mary.=My name is Mary. 我叫玛丽。

  She is Mary.=Her name is Mary. 她叫玛丽。

  4. Nice to meet you! 见到你真快乐。Nice to meet you, too.见到你也很快乐。

  5. What’s your telephone number?


  It’s 555-3539.



  my(我的) your(你的) his/her/its(他/她/它的)

  our(我们的) your(你们的)their(他们的)前面需寻求接名词,修饰名词,在句子中却干主语,客语等成分。

  My book is here.(干主语)

  This is my book.(干客语)

  Her pen is blue.

  His jacket is on the bed.

  2, 主格: I you he/she/ it

  we you they

  在句子中做主语,述句子中普畅通放句子首,前面紧跟 am/is/are 及其他触动词。

  I’m a student.

  She looks great.

  He likes English.


  在含拥有am, is, are 的句子儿子。条将把am, is, are 调到句子首。I am 和We are 要成了英公are you,some成了英公any,my成了英公your,句子末了用讯问号。否定句子条在be后加以not。如am—am not; is —isn’t; are—-aren’t。如: ① I am a boy.(否定句子)– I am not a boy. (成了英公普畅通疑讯问句子) Are you a boy?

  Yes, I am. No, I’m not.

  ② She is my mother.

  (成了英公普畅通疑讯问句子)–Is she your mother? Yes, she is. No, she isn’t. ③ This is a book.( 成了英公普畅通疑讯问句子) –Is this a book? Yes, it

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